Large Slabs


The large slabs of the FINCIBEC GROUP are made with Continua technology and represent an innovative and versatile solution that revolutionises the areas of application of ceramics. The passion for research and the desire to offer cutting-edge products have led the company to start the FIRE and OVER projects, specialised in the design and production of large-size ceramics in 120 × 260 and 160 × 320 cm formats.

Ceramics in architecture find a specific range in OVER solutions, the result of meticulous stylistic research focused on technical features, and composed of surfaces adapted for use in the most diverse of areas.

The quality and excellence of fine porcelain produced by the FINCIBEC GROUP guarantees the extreme versatility of the large FIRE and OVER slabs. For traditional uses such as floor and wall cladding in residential, public and commercial areas, large sizes pair with the possibility of use for external facades and the creation of countertops for kitchens and tables.